Month: August 2009

Welcoming our CNR2030 Advisory Board

Our CNR2030 Advisory Board is gathering next Thursday for its first meeting, and we’ll be sharing news with them regarding Lumenhaus, Virginia Tech’s 2009 entry to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. Wish I could share more details now, but we want to make sure everything is buttoned up before making any announcements.

I can report that our CNR2030 team had a great working session a couple of weeks ago with my friend and colleague David Poteet, president of New City Experience, based in Blacksburg. Over the course of two hours, with David as our facilitator, we hammered out  foundational plans for a CNR2030 Web site. We plan to start small this fall, launching a basic informational site. From there, we will build out the site in phases until we have a robust online community dedicated to pushing our region toward carbon neutrality by 2030.

Our team will miss the guidance and leadership provided by Stuart Mease, the man largely responsible for Richard Florida’s Creative Class Group choosing Roanoke for a Creative Class Leadership Program (CCLP) in 2009-10. Stuart is leaving his post with the City of Roanoke to become Director of Recruiting for the fast-growing Rackspace operation in Blacksburg. We wish Stuart well, and trust he’ll remain engaged with the CCLP.