Reaching a ‘Community of One’

In this age of oft-times impersonal, shotgun-style marketing, it’s easy to lose sight of the larger goal of making personal connections, one consumer at a time.

That will be the topic of my presentation next month in Atlanta at the National Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies. I’ll be presenting a case study of my ongoing efforts to reinvent the Web presence at Carilion Clinic.

It’s about content and context. About giving consumers multiple communication options so they can connect with you on their terms. About creating an experience.

At Carilion, we’re doing that in myriad ways, evolving what had been a brochure-like website just two years ago into a truly interactive presence. We have made considerable progress — evidenced by the fact we have doubled our unique visitors in the past six months while cutting our bounce rate in half — and we still have much work to do.

But I believe we’re at a point where we have a good story to tell. I look forward to sharing it next month with my fellow healthcare professionals.

Posted on: March 3, 2010, by : Mike Dame

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